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dbwphotography's Journal

Digital Black and White Photography
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dbwphotography is a community for digital photographers to share their black and white photos, discuss methods for converting, tinting and using filters via both camera modes and digital darkroom editors like Photoshop. It is highly encouraged although not necessary to post what camera you used and your black and white method.

Like any community this one needs some rules. They are as follows:
• All images must be taken with a digital camera. For film only bwphotography and for film and digital blackwhiteworld.
• All images must black and white, sepia or tinted from the use of digital filters and toners.
• If you post more than 1 image, or if your image is more than 650 pixels in width or 700px in height you must use the lj-cut feature. Don't know how to post an image? Click here
• Only one image post per day. There are no limits if you have news, questions or general comments about digital black & white photography that you would like to share with the community.
• All nudes must be put behind a cut and the link must specify that it is not work safe.
• Please post work that is your own, and your own only. If you do post the work of another, please credit where appropriate.
• Try and be respectful of other people’s work. If you don’t like something and can’t offer up constructive criticism than don’t say anything at all.
• Text posts are allowed but they must be related to the topic of digital black and white photography.
• If you would like to post about a community or personal journal please ask a mod first.

Any questions please leave a comment here for the mod.

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